Fiberglass Windows


Fiberglass been known to be impervious to the heat, cold, water, salt air, and ultraviolet rays.

Similar to wood windows, fiberglass can be painted but doesn’t require any treatment to stop rotting and decay. If durability if your primary goal then consider our fiberglass “Ultra Series” for your home.

ABCO Glass Products can walk you through the pros & cons of this material to help you decide if it is the best choice for you.

Benefits of Fiberglass Windows for Your Utah Home:

  • Ultimate in durability
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely strong—can hold large expanses of glass
    Virtually maintenance-free
  • Expands and contracts very little with temperature changes
    Won’t decay
  • Conducts minimal heat and cold
  • Available in a variety of factory-painted colors
  • Paintable

Ultra Series

Milgard Ultra Window Series

For the ultimate in windows, Milgard’s Ultra Series is exactly what the name states – the best quality frame that’s strong, dependable, beautiful and adds warmth to your home. The frame has the stability and low-maintenance characteristics of fiberglass, but the appearance and design look more like a traditional wood frame profile.


Keep the Style, Remove the Maintenance

One of the best modern building materials is fiberglass, even if most people associate it with boats or vehicles. When you take a look at a window or French door in Milgard’s Ultra Series, you may think the frame is painted wood – and this is exactly what they wanted you to see. The frames are designed with the beauty and profile of a wood window, while removing the maintenance of a typical wood frame. In addition, they are permanently joined without using staples or nails, giving the frame a cleaner and sleeker look.

Works with All Design Styles

Milgard’s design allows homeowners the option to use fiberglass frames with an amazing appearance that complements any home, whether you live in the valley or on the beach. With seven standard exterior color available, you can pick the right shade that matches your home – and it is a finish that will never crack or peel. The interior color is pre-finished in white, but Milgard’s fiberglass frames can be painted with proper preparation, which a significant advantage over vinyl or aluminum-clad wood windows.

These frames for windows and French doors also keep your energy bills low. Windows are responsible for a significant amount of the energy consumed in a home on an annual basis, sometimes close to 30% of your normal energy costs. Milgard’s SunCoat Low-E, standard in the Ultra Series, keeps your home cool in the summertime by rejecting the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays. Then, in the winter, SunCoat Low-E helps keep the warmth inside while preventing any loss of heat to the cold weather outside.

Essence Series

Milgard Essence Window Series

Style and innovation. Durability, strength and comfort. This is what you can expect when Milgard windows are placed in your home or office. The new Milgard Essence Series windows are natural, solid wood on the inside, but they have a strong fiberglass exterior to protect your investment from rot or warping over time.


Window Maintenance Optional

These low-maintenance windows meet Energy Star requirements and are friendly to customers with dexterity issues – the Arthritis Foundation has given the Essence Series windows an Ease-of-Use Commendation in recognition of its locking design.

Essence Series windows have a weather-resistant fiberglass exterior that guards against water, cold, heat, salty air and ultraviolet rays, as well as insects. In addition to its resistance to the elements, the powder-coated exterior will not crack, peel, bend or warp with expansion/contraction during temperature cycles – plus they will never need painting!

See More Through These Windows

While you are guarded from the elements, your views will not be obstructed with the Essence Series. In fact, they will be enhanced with optional PureView screens, where the frame matches the window’s exterior color while the fiberglass mesh enables a clearer view of the outdoors. Smaller yarns and a finer weave provide 15% more openness than the standard screen, allowing clearer and cleaner views from your home.

These windows are available in seven unique styles, depending on the architecture and style of your home or office. Plus, the Essence Series includes innovative features, such as a newly-engineered mulling system for creating tighter seals when connecting multiple windows and recessed latches for a sleek design while adding to functionality.

One additional feature, exclusive to Essence Series windows, is the advance HydroGard water management system. If there is a rare instance that water enters the sash system, it is directed away from the window’s beautiful wood interior. Not only do Milgard windows protect your home from the elements, but they exceed residential standards for forced entry, ensuring the safety for your family.