Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most popular choice of material for replacement windows today.
This modern vinyl material offers the best of all worlds yielding a practical solution that is budget friendly. Get excellent thermal properties, strength, color selection and longevity from our Style Line and Tuscany Series Windows.

ABCO Glass Products can walk you through the pros & cons of this material to help you decide if it is the best choice for you.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows for Your Utah Home: 

  • Exceptionally energy efficient
  • Extremely durable
  • Non-corroding
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Available in a wide range of styles and shapes
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install

Quiet Line Series

Milgard Quiet Line Window Series

Lawn mowers, barking dogs, automotive traffic… just a few noises that are part of the neighborhood. However, there are times when the outdoor world can be too noisy for your home or office – and that’s when Milgard’s Quiet Line windows can help!


Block Outside Noise

These windows are great for people who have trouble sleeping, for workers who have the overnight shift, for families who live near the airport and for in-home sound studios. The Quiet Line Series is designed with the same vinyl and craftsmanship that is used in other models, but the window is manufactured with a high-performance glaze to withstand most outdoor noises.

Typical windows have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) level of 30, which usually effective in reducing or eliminating noises like a barking dog or a ringing telephone. Other than making major structural changes to your home, replacing your windows are the most effective way to achieve a reduction in noises that pass through standard windows, especially if there are air leaks around the existing glass or frames.

Quiet and Beautiful

Adding a noise-reducing glaze or heavier glass to standard windows can help reduce other noises, such as lawn mowers and some power tools. But those methods only raise a window’s STC to 34 or 35. Milgard’s Quiet Line can boost that STC protection to an amazing 44, which surpasses the levels of motorcycles and ambulance sirens – it can even reduce significant levels of noise from the freeway or a nearby airport.

Not only do these windows help with noise, but they meet or exceed Energy Star requirements with thanks to Milgard’s exclusive SunCoat Low-E insulating glass. In short, due to the design of the Quiet Line Series, they will make your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, protect your home from 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and they will make a nice dent in your energy bills.

Style Line Series

Milgard Style Line Window Series

Low maintenance, energy efficiency and beautiful design – these are some of the main reasons why the Style Line Series by Milgard is one of the most popular products among homeowners who are upgrading their existing windows. A sturdy vinyl structure, a design that locks the window when it is closed and a noise-reducing dual-pane construction are a few of the characteristics that are standard in the Style Line Series.


A Sleek Look

They are designed with a slim profile that combines clean lines with maximum glass area that allows for plenty of natural light. The Style Line Series is the best value due to its premium features, energy-efficient design, a lifetime warranty and exclusive upgrades.

The Style Line Accessory Package for some windows includes weep hole covers to keep the system clear of debris or pests, vent stops to prevent a fully-opened window in a room with children or pets, and pull rail screens to allow easier removal of the screen frame. In addition, the Comfort Package includes the accessories above plus the energy-efficient 3D or 3D MAX upgrade.

Exceeding Energy Expectations

Thanks to Milgard’s SunCoat Low-E insulating glass, the Style Line Series meets or exceeds Energy Star requirements. This means that the energy-efficient design keeps your house cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and helps reduce your energy bills. Also, the coating on the glass helps regulate temperatures and protects your home from 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The Style Line Series is available in seven different styles, including a sliding patio door. For replacing older windows in your home, Milgard manufactures Style Line vinyl windows with a contoured Z-bar frame profile, which adds enhanced architectural details and saves costs. Installation is quick and easy by using a portion of the existing window frame – this creates a new look without the need for costly stucco repairs.

Montecito Series

Milgard Montecito Window Series

The Montecito Series from Milgard has the finest vinyl windows you can buy – durability, strength and beautiful design. In fact, Milgard extrudes their own vinyl with the company’s own recipe, ensuring that your windows are manufactured responsibility and to the proper specifications. Plus, Montecito Series vinyl windows exceed the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) strict requirements for resistance to the weather, impacts and heat.


Voted the Best

Milgard vinyl windows have been considered the most preferred and the best quality windows in various publications, such as Builder Magazine and Today’s Fine Homes. The Montecito Series characteristics are innovative and demonstrate the reasoning why Milgard vinyl windows are voted as the best.

Even though they have a lifetime warranty, the Montecito Series vinyl windows are incredibly strong, yet provide gentle details for the common homeowner. The SmartTouch lock, for example, provides one-touch operation and peace of mind with added security – they exceed residential standards for forced entry. Also, while you are guarded from the elements, your views will not be obstructed with the Montecito Series. In fact, you can enhance them with optional PureView screens, where smaller fiberglass yarns and a finer weave in the mesh provides 15% more openness than Milgard’s standard screen, allowing clearer views from your home.

Energy Star Rated

These low-maintenance windows meet or exceed Energy Star requirements for every climate zone. Plus, every Montecito window comes standard with Milgard’s exclusive SunCoat Low-E insulating glass. For an affordable upgrade, they will add the 3D MAX energy package, which can reduce the u-factor as much as 23%. Engineers utilize the highest-quality vinyl with a design to reduce heat transfer, then they glaze the window with high-quality glass and warm edge spacer technology. In short, it makes your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter and it will make a nice dent in your energy bills.

Available in nine different styles, the Montecito Series vinyl windows will suit virtually any home. The interior frame has wonderful aesthetic details, such as shadow lines and mitered glass. And when multiple windows are combined, the design creates an architecturally-pleasing look while providing serviceability and strength.

Tuscany Series

Milgard Tuscany Window Series

The Tuscany Series from Milgard are the finest replacement windows you can buy – a sleek profile, low in maintenance and even comes with a lifetime warranty with glass breakage. By extruding their own vinyl with the company’s own recipe, Milgard ensures that these windows are manufactured to the proper specifications, especially if these windows are replacing older, ineffective ones. Even better news: replacement windows can take a day to install and studies indicate that they can provide nearly 90% of a return on this investment in your home.


A Customer Favorite

Milgard vinyl windows have been named multiple times as the “most preferred vinyl window” by Professional Remodeler and Professional Builder magazines. With innovative design and creative functionality, the Tuscany Series demonstrates why they are considered the best replacement windows.

One of the most significant elements to the Tuscany Series is the SmartTouch lock that provides one-touch operation with added security because Milgard windows are manufactured to exceed residential standards for forced entry. The lock makes sure that when the window is closed, it’s locked! In fact, Milgard was awarded a commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for the lock’s ease-of-use concept, and the Industrial Designers Society of America presented the company with the prestigious IDEA award in 2008.

Energy Efficient

Also, as you are guarded against intruders, you will also be protected from high energy costs because these low-maintenance replacement windows meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. Plus, every Tuscany Series window comes with Milgard’s exclusive SunCoat Low-E insulating glass that reduces ultraviolet ray exposure and keeps your home at a reasonable temperature. To describe it briefly, it will make your home cooler in the summertime, warmer in the wintertime and make a nice dent in your energy bills.

Available in nine different colors, the Tuscany Series replacement vinyl windows will suit any home. The interior frame includes enhanced aesthetic details, such as shadow lines and mitered glazing bead. And Milgard’s lifetime warranty will cover the costs if a specialist from U.S. Window and Door needs to fix a recently-installed window.